Coaches Accreditation

All Coaches are required to be Accredited by the National Office of Royal Life Saving Society - Australia upon completion of their Foundation Courses and every 3 years thereafter. Accreditation ensures that individuals:

  • Are members of Royal Life Saving

  • Are covered by Insurance

  • Have completed Working with Children Checks (Over 18 years)

  • Remain current and up to date with their knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Remain informed of rule changes, events and activities that relate to their role

Apply for your Foundation Coaches Accreditation

Coaches Re-accreditation

Coaches are required to complete a series of tasks  to remain accredited. Coaches have three years in which to complete their re-accreditation requirements. By attending competition events and any professional development activity, an Official is able to earn points towards completing the re-accreditation requirements associated with their current level of accreditation.

Foundation  Coach

Attain Development OR Complete 25 points in 3 years

Development Coach

Complete 100 points in 3 years

Performance  Coach

Complete 200 points in 3 years

Logging your activities

As part of the SportsHub your personal profile allows you to record and attach evidence of professional development activities and events that you have been involved in. Your activities log will ask you to fill in the following information


  • Date of attendance

  • Location and details of the activity

  • Duration

  • Type of Activity

  • Evidence