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Jun 19




This section keeps a record of all your learning, whether that be via our RLS learning portal or any external courses that you have completed.

Click the “My Skills” menu item.


There are two sections that will appear on the My Skills page:

  • RLS Online Courses: This section records all courses completed on the RLS learning portal

  • External Course Log: This section records evidence of all courses completed outside the RLS learning portal.

Under the RLS Online Courses section you will see a list of online courses that you have been enrolled in or completed via the Learning Portal:



  • Under “Enrolled” is the date that you enrolled in a course

  • Under “Completed” is the date that you completed the online course. Note this is not your final accreditation, it is a record of your learning.

  • Launch e-Learning” will take you straight to the learning portal dashboard

  • Sync My Results”: Click this button when you have completed a course in the learning portal and it will load in your Skills section.


NOTE: You will need to enrol in a course before anything appears in this section. An explanation of how to enrol and access the Learning Portal is detailed in the Sport Hub help section.


The External Course Log records evidence of external learning, this may include school or university courses, RLSSA awards, other sports courses or accreditations, or training and professional development undertaken with an employer. To add a record of external learning, click the “Add Document” button:

A lightbox will appear to the right of the screen. Complete all fields and attached the appropriate document (certificate, receipt) and click “Submit”


Clicking “Submit” will log your external learning in the External Course Log.

New Posts
  • Potential members can sign up to the Sport Hub via several locations on the Sport Hub. This includes via the “ Log In ” screen (click the “ Subscribe now ” button), or through the “ Members ” section on the main menu: Click “ Subscribe Now ” or go to the “ Sport Hub Application ” from the menu. The Sport Hub application form will appear: Complete all form fields and click the “ Go to Payment ” button. The button will remain unresponsive until you have completed all compulsory fields: Select a payment option by clicking the “ Choose your plan ” button: You may pay via credit/debit card or via Paypal. Make sure you type in your email address to confirm your payment and receive a receipt . Click “ Buy Now ” to process the payment: Your payment will be confirmed and a receipt sent to the provided email address. Please contact the Royal Life Saving National Office for payment assistance or disputes.
  • Information for accessing, navigating and interacting with the Hub can be found in the Member Forum, under the “ Sport Hub Help ” category. Click on the “ Sport Hub Help ” category tile to open the Help section. Browse topics by scrolling down the page or using the search bar at the top right of the page. Click on the post title to view information. Use the comments section at the bottom of a post to lodge a query or request assistance: If you require further assistance, contact a Site Admin using the Members Chat window or click the “ Contact Us ” button at the top of the Member Forum page to contact the National Office:
  • The Sport Hub Library includes documents, forms, images and videos that are categorised by resource type and subject. The Library is only accessible to Hub members. Click “ Library ” on the main menu and a drop down menu will appear: Clicking on “ Document Library ” will take you to the following page. You may search or filter documents by type of subject: Click on a document category to view the documents contained within. A list of documents will appear as per the image below. Click the yellow “ View ” button to open, print or save the document: Clicking on “ Video Library ” from the main menu will take you to the following screen. You may scroll down to browse videos or filter by category. Click on the play button in the middle of the video tile to play the video. Clicking on “ Form Library ” from the main menu will take you to the following screen. The Form Library allows you to print, complete and upload electronic and paper forms to you profile. Scrolling down the page, and you will find a list of forms. Click the yellow “ View ” button to open, download or print the form. Once you have completed the form, click “ Submit Application ”: You can access your Application Forms in " "