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Parents are the driving force behind the Swim and Survive Games. Their role as supporters, coordinators, coaches and officials is fundamental to the success of the program

Justic Scarr

CEO Royal Life Saving Society - Australia

What is Pool Lifesaving as a Sport?

In weekly sessions kids explore the world of Pool Lifesaving, building swimming and water safety skills and playing in a safe and super fun setting.


We believe every child should have the opportunity to participate in swimming and water safety activities, you’ll find Pool Lifesaving is one of the education and non discriminate programs available in most communities.

Join millions of kids all over the country who pull on their swimmers each week to participate with their friends in a fun and enjoyable environment

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Get Involved in Pool Lifesaving

As a parent, you will be encouraged by your centre coordinators to get involved in your child’s Pool Lifesaving program. You do not need any previous experience to assist the centre coordinator or the coaching coordinator.

We aim to involve parents as much as possible in our weekly sessions from practicing the skills with your kids, to participating in the fun games we play throughout the season.

Your experience as a parent is all you need to be a valuable volunteer.


If you would be interested in becoming a Coach or Official c please look at our section or contact your Royal Life Saving state/territory  office for more information.

Each state offers coaching courses available as well as resources to ensure all volunteers are well equipped to deliver a high quality program.

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Events and Activities

In 2018, Royal Life Saving introduced a brand new coaching and activity program, developed with the support of industry experts across coaching, childhood development and education, as well as Pool Lifesaving coaches, parents and participants.


The new program includes structured weekly sessions, based on activities and equipment designed to maximise fun, involvement and skill development. 

More information can be found here, including detailed session and activity plans, how to set up a session and tips on getting more parents involved.

The new program will be gradually rolled out across the country over 2019 and 2020 to ensure Aquatic Centres and coaches get the best possible support to implement effectively. 

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No child should miss out

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Everyone can participate when the right attitudes, structures and the systems are in place to support kids of all abilities. We’ve partnered with a range of cultural and medical experts and provider so that all children can enjoy Pool Lifesaving Sport and truly feel like a part of the community.

We also manage a National Swim and Survive Fund which provides financial assistance to individuals or groups in the provision of swimming and water safety activities.

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