Pool Lifesaving for Adults 18+






Men and Women

Beginner to Advanced. Events are based on your level of ability

Events are based on the National Pool Lifesaving Rules Handbook

Aquatic Facilities are the backbone to many communities and provide opportunities for men and women to participate in Pool Lifesaving competitions from a social to sub-elite level. Participants can enjoy heightened fitness, improved communication skills and a great sense of teamwork


Social to Elite Participation

Competition is guided by our National Competition Framework. Participants will have the opportunity to compete in any event. We want to promote life-long participation and maintain the social engagement of athletes through club, team and community.

Participants will be able to compete against others in formats that replicate national and international competitions for improved practice effect, with support to further develop personal excellence in and out of the pool

What to expect

Swimming and Lifesaving brings with it many benefits. Due to the nature of the activities, the main benefits gained from participating are heightened physical fitness, improved hand-eye coordination and communication skills but also vital lifesaving skills.

Participating in a team is a unique bond participants share. It is through this bond that participants experience teamwork, strong mateship and a sense of comradery.

In a broader sense, Pool Lifesaving brings people within a community together. Participants not only experience the benefits of being in a team, but also contribute to the community's safety and well being.

Development Opportunities

Royal Life Saving Australia offers a range of development opportunities for youth athletes who have developed a talent for the sport. Click on one of the following to find out more

Become a Coach
Give back to the sport you love and become a coach
Pool Lifesaving Championships
The Australian Pool Lifesaving Championships is the premier Pool Lifesaving event in the country. It has u16 and u19 categories for competition
Become an Official
Give back to the sport and travel the country as a Pool Lifesaving Official
Australian Lifesaving Team
The Australian Youth Lifesaving Team is for the countries peak performers to contest international competitions
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Become a Coach

Give back to the sport you love and become a coach

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