Junior Swimming and Lifesaving


7-13 years


Beginner to Advanced


Modified events, activities and games that are fun and inclusive, promoting teamwork, physical activity and ongoing learning and practice of swimming and lifesaving skills.

The perfect environment for kids to have fun, make new friends and create memories that last a lifetime

Games and activities with friends

We all want kids to enjoy their early  experience in the water as this will help promote life-long participation. This means having fun in a relaxed environment with their friends.

Junior Swimming and Lifesaving is short and is about participation not competition, giving participants and their families the opportunities to learn, have fund and build friendships.

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What to expect

What to expect

We don't want to put kids in adult environments too early and that includes deep water, congested pools, unnecessary physicality and an over-emphasis on winning when fun and skill development is more important. 

It is important that our Junior Lifesavers are familiar with, and adopt, the "everyone can be a lifesaver" philosophy. It is this philosophy that ensures participating boys and girls have a fun, safe and positive experience that is suitable to their needs. 

Event Types

Within this stage a coach will have a basic understanding of Pool Lifesaving as a Sport and the key rules and parameters associated with theirs and an athlete’s participation in Pool Lifesaving.

Lifeboat challenge
Paddle and Pick up a Patient and return to shore
Swimming and Swimming Relays
5m - 50m swim events
Lifejacket Relay
Player 1 wears a lifejacket and swims to the other end of the pool (or required length). Life jacket is removed and passed to player 2. Alternatively player 2 already is wearing a life jacket ready to go. Player 2 then swims back etc.
The Line Throw
Throw an unweighted rope to a person in the water and pull them to pool side (to safety)
The Underwater Obstacles
duck diving through hoops, climbing over the big mats, etc
Kickboard Relay
Students will be required to lie on a kick board and make their way from one end of the pool to the other. The kick board must be passed on to the next team member.
The Manikin Carry
Player 1 swims the required length to player 2, affixes rescue tube and tows back to the other end, to safety.
Ping Pong Scramble
Colour Buckets- team that collects the most in allocated time get the points.
Noodle Race
Ride their noodle across the pool. Across the shallow end of the pool.
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What to expect

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