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Pool Lifesaving for Masters





Men and Women

Beginner to Advanced. Events are based on your level of ability


Events are based on the National Pool Lifesaving Rules Handbook but modified for age categories

Masters competition is  just as much about the social events as it is about the sport.


Participants make lifelong friends, not only within their own sport and teams, but with participants from all  backgrounds from all corners of Australia and the world.


Show them young fellas a thing or two..

Swimming and Lifesaving is an activity that is beneficial to your long term health and well being. It encourages a positive active lifestyle in the community that is balanced with social outcome and opportunities.

Run by Masters for Masters Pool Lifesaving reinforces the importance of mature-aged sports people who are seeking opportunities to participate and demonstrate skill, achievement, competition, social interaction, and satisfaction

What to expect

Swimming and Lifesaving brings with it many benefits. Due to the nature of the activities, the main benefits gained from participating are heightened physical fitness, improved hand-eye coordination and communication skills but also vital lifesaving skills.

Participating in a team is a unique bond participants share. It is through this bond that participants experience teamwork, strong mateship and a sense of comradery.

In a broader sense, Pool Lifesaving brings people within a community together. Participants not only experience the benefits of being in a team, but also contribute to the community's safety and well being.