Conducting a Pool Lifesaving Training Session

During the session

Briefly introduce the session, explain what is going to happen and establish a few basic rules.

  • Get things moving quickly.

  • Spend the first few minutes on the warm-up - make sure this becomes a habit and fun to complete.

  • Ensure that you allow plenty of time for game play and select a range of games that will develop skills, using questions and challenges to assist the participants to learn.

  • Use skill demonstrations at key points to assist participants to understand techniques that may assist them to perform better.  

  • Ensure that techniques are shown in the context of how they will be performed in a match, and not in isolation.

  • Making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process.  Provide lots of opportunities to practice and learn to master a skill.

After the session

  • Conclude the session properly.

  • Include a slower game activity, or a walk if the session has been particularly strenous.

  • Encourage stretching at the end of the session as it can be beneficial for developing flexibility, as well as reducing muscle soreness.

  • Talk to the participants as they cool down and revise the key points of the session through questioning, provide lots of praise.

  • Remind participants of the time and venue of the next practice session or competition.

  • Distribute any flyers, information or other items that you may have for them.

  • Evaluate the session by asking yourself:

- Was it fun?

- Did the participants enjoy themselves?

- What might be done to improve the session?

- Did they participate enough?

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