Education and Sport - The balancing act

If you are a student athlete, how can you achieve your academic AND sporting goals?

Here are some top tips to help you balance sport and education.

  • Get organised and stay organised. Use a big desk calendar for school and sports. Write down all due dates for schoolwork, projects, and papers. Write down all sports practices and games. Every week revisit your calendar and make corrections. 

  • Manage your time. With competing demands placed on your time, you must plan your known time schedule. Known times are school time, game and practice time, and travel time to and from school, as well as travel time to and from sports practices and events. By blocking this known time on your calendar, you can determine your actual homework time and study time

  • Plan your week; don’t let your week plan you. Look at your calendar and note when you have projects due, tests scheduled, and practices and games scheduled. Plan how you will study and when you will study.

  • Use your weekends wisely. Use your weekend as preparation time for the week ahead. Start homework for the upcoming week. Read chapters and take notes ahead of time. Use this time to plan for and prepare for projects and papers that are due. 

  • Use your travel time to and from school, practices, and games wisely. Review notes, read chapters, study, or read books. Another tip - use audiobooks while traveling and read along.

  • Do not procrastinate. Do assignments as soon as they are given, rather than waiting until the last minute. Poor planning will result in missed practices or missed games.

  • Do not get behind. Whether it’s your homework, schoolwork, grades, or sports practices, it’s easier to stay ahead of schoolwork rather than to play catch up with grades, missed assignments, or missed sporting events.

  • Take advantage of school resources, such as tutors. Many sports teams want their athletes to succeed in school and offer programs to help their athletes. If your school or community offers these opportunities, take them.

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