Have fun with your friends in a team environment



7-12 years




Girls and Boys

Beginner to Advanced. Events are based on your level of ability

Modified Games and Activities that promote fun, teamwork, physical activity and participation for everyone


The perfect environment for kids to have fun, make new friends and create memories that last a lifetime

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What are the Swim and Survive Games?

There are over 300 Swim and Survive Partners across Australia providing boys and girls the opportunity to learn swimming and survival skills.


The Swim and Survive Games is the next step for kids who really enjoy their swimming and lifesaving. It’s the perfect environment for kids to have fun learning through play, make new friends and create memories that last a lifetime.


Events are modified so children can continue to develop their skills in an enjoyable, safe atmosphere. We recognise that it is largely an army of volunteers that run our Swim and Survive Game for the love  and the enjoyment that it provides their kids.

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What to expect

We don't want to put kids in adult environments too early and that includes deep water, congested pools, unnecessary physicality and an over-emphasis on winning when fun and skill development is more important. 

It is important that our Junior Lifesavers are familiar with, and adopt, the "everyone can be a lifesaver" philosophy. It is this philosophy that ensures participating boys and girls have a fun, safe and positive experience that is suitable to their needs. 

Event Types

Within this stage a coach will have a basic understanding of Pool Lifesaving as a Sport and the key rules and parameters associated with theirs and an athlete’s participation in Pool Lifesaving.

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